Alternative Sites to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine 

November 4th, 2021

At this time, all of our COVID-19 Pediatric Pfizer appointments have been booked up. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please portal message us - you will be contacted if we have any cancellations or if we have any leftover doses at the end of the day. For now, we do not have enough inventory to administer the vaccine during well visits; once we get confirmation of our next shipment, we hope to provide that opportunity to our patients. 

City-run vaccine sites will offer vaccines for children aged 5+ starting November 4th and there will be temporary sites in over 1,000 schools starting on Monday November 8th. Sites at schools can be found on the DOE website.  


You can find a full list of pediatric vaccination locations on


In addition to that, the following locations will be offering only pediatric vaccinations on November 4th through Sunday November 7th from 8am - 6pm (all days). 

  • Watson Gleason Playground 1146 Rosedale Ave BX 10472

  • St Marys Playground 519 St Anns Ave BX 10455

  • Bryan Park East Fordham Road and East Kingsbridge Road 10458

  • Calvert Vaux Playground 2702 Cropsey Ave BK 11214

  • Saratoga Park 809 Halsey St. BK 11233

  • Helen Marshall Playground 99-22 25th Ave.  Flushing 11369 

  • Raymond O'Connor Park 209 - I 32nd Ave Bayside 11360

  • Payson Playground 269 Dyckman Manhattan 10034

We have also had many families sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine through Walgreens/Duane Reade Pharmacies. They will start administering pediatric shots on Saturday, November 6th and you can make an appointment here.