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  • Kids get a lot of colds. In fact, the average child under age 6 will have 6-8 colds per year with each lasting an average of 2 weeks. This means they may get a new cold before the previous has completely gotten better.

  • Antibiotics do not treat colds. However, some colds may be complicated by bacterial illness (bacterial sinusitis, ear infections, pneumonias) that would need antibiotics.

  • Signs that your child does not have a simple cold include: a new fever after the first 3-5 days of cold symptoms, any trouble breathing (other than because of nose congestion), severe ear pain, worsening or persistent symptoms beyond 2 weeks.

  • Green mucus does not mean a bacterial infection.

  • Remember, while the frequent colds of early childhood are frustrating, they are also your child’s way of building up a stronger immune system.

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