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Preparing For Your Well Visit

Your child's well visit schedule can sometimes be confusing. Here is a guide to explain the well visit schedule, as well as what to expect at each visit!


  • This visit is a hospital followup to make sure you and your baby are doing well in the first few days of life! (Note: a co-pay does typically apply for this visit).

  • No routine vaccines, except Hep B if not given in the hospital.

  • If bilirubin levels are elevated, there may be a bilirubin test at this visit.

2 weeks

1 month

  • A discussion regarding growth and feeding, and to check that your baby has regained their birth weight.

  • Vaccines are not routinely given at this appointment.

2 months

4 months

  • 2 months old marks the start of your child’s immunizations; at the 2 and 4 month visits they will get 3 shots, and one oral vaccine:

6 months

  • At the 6 month visit, your child will get 2 shots and one oral vaccine:

  • At 6 months, your child can receive their first flu shot (if applicable to time of year). 

9 months

  • No routine vaccines at this visit!

  • Check on growth and developmental milestones

12 months

  • At 12 months your child will get their first blood draw (a routine screening for anemia and lead) as well as 3 shots:

  • Helpful tip: Keeping your child hydrated before they have their blood drawn is a great way to ensure an easier draw!

15 months

18 months

  • At the 15 and 18 month visits, your child will get 2-3 shots:

  • At the 18 month visit, your child's developmental questionnaire will be a screen for autism - don't be surprised when it looks a little different than prior questionnaires!

24 months

30 months

  • Between 24 and 30 months, your child will get their second blood draw to be re-screened for anemia and lead, and will get one shot:

3 years

  • No routine shots at this visit. This will be your child’s first time getting their hearing and blood pressure checked.

4 years

  • Your child will have their first vision screen (offered in shapes or letters). Please be sure to bring in glasses if they have been prescribed by a specialist within the past year.

  • They will also receive their 4-year booster immunizations

4 - 11 years

  • For annual visits between ages 4 and 11, there are typically no routine immunizations.

11 years +

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