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Developmental Milestones

7-12 months

  • Your baby should be sleeping for longer periods of time and by 6-9 months, should not need an overnight feeding. Each family has their own preferences about nighttime awakenings. Chose a style that works for your family.

  • After 6 months, think about starting to wean the pacifier from your child before the teeth erupt. Take a look at our teething page for more information about this developmental stage.

  • Before 6 to 9 months, start double checking that your home is child-proof. (Check that outlets are covered, cleaning supplies are up high and potentially in a locked cabinet, think about safety gates near stairs for when your child becomes more mobile.)

    • Note: We do not recommend using infant or child walkers.

  • Stranger anxiety usually develops around 9 months. Keep this in mind when grandparents or friends are upset that your child takes some time to warm up.

  • Communication: At around 9-12 months your baby should begin making basic sounds like “da” and “ga” and link those together (i.e. “ga-ga”) and may even begin saying words like Mama and Dada, etc. Your child should also follow simple commands like “come here” or “put it back”.

  • Motor Skills: Around 9 months, your baby should begin supporting their own weight while holding onto your hands or nearby furniture/structures and should be able to sit up straight for several minutes. At around 12 months, your child should be beginning to take steps  whether supported or on their own. Additionally, your child should be able to pick up small toys or crumbs of food with one hand.

  • Problem Solving: Your baby should begin picking up toys in each hand and banging them against each other as well as pass a toy back and forth between hands. Your baby may also begin dropping toys into other containers or mimicking your movements if you do so.

  • Personal-Social: At around 9 months, your child should put their foot in their mouth, feed themselves a cracker, and drink from a cup while you hold it. Around 12 months, your baby may begin to throw a ball for you to return and play with dolls/stuffed animals.

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