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Developmental Milestones

0-6 months

During your baby's first few months of life, you will see many developmental changes.

  • Between the 2 month and 4 month visits, your baby will begin to sleep for longer periods of time. Additionally, many babies will experience some colic and fussiness throughout this time. This is normal behavior however if you are concerned, we always recommend you give our office a call to have you baby seen by one of our doctors.

  • Solid food introduction is recommended from 4-6 months. In order to be ready your child needs to demonstration appropriate swallow techniques and adequate head control. Classic choking hazards include food items the size of nuts or grapes that are difficult for the baby to chew and can be lodge into the breathing tube if not properly swallowed.

  • We generally recommend introducing cereals that are fortified with iron or pureed meat which is a good source of iron and zinc. 

    • Please note: No honey until 1 year because of the risk of infant botulism.

    • Avoid juice. 

  • Different types of styles to introduce food have become trendy. The key is that you want your baby to be exposed to a wide array of tastes and textures overtime. Introduce a new food item every 2 days and make note of any unusual reactions.

    • If your family is prone to food allergies do NOT avoid these foods. 

  • Between 3 and 4 months, spit up becomes more and more common. This is normal as long as your baby appears happy. If your baby seems to be in pain, has projectile vomiting or green vomiting these symptoms can be more concerning.

  • Your baby should be sleeping for longer periods of time and by 6-9 months, should not need an overnight feeding. Each family has their own preferences about night time awakenings. Chose a style that works for your family.

  • Communication: Between 2 and 4 months your child may begin cooing and laughing. 

  • Motor Skills: At around 2 to 4 months, your baby may hold their head up off the ground and look around.

  • Problem Solving: Around 4 to 6 months, your child may begin grabbing items and bringing them to their mouth.

  • Personal-Social: Between 2 and 4 months, your child will begin to smile when they see you.

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