Nasal Congestion

  • We don’t routinely recommend over-the-counter decongestants for children under 6 years. Most have not been shown to help; often the combinations of medications can potentially be dangerous.

  • You can use over the counter nasal saline drops--flushing in each nostril before feeding or sleeping.

  • In younger children, using  nasal suction (either with an infant bulb, NoseFrida, or similar aspirator) to remove congestion from the nose shortly after saline can help.

  • It may also help to have your child play in the bathroom with the shower running, as the steam can help with the congestion.

  • We should see your child in the office if you’re worried that your child is having difficulty breathing or is consistently breathing fast.

  • Occasionally, pseudoephedrine will be suggested for older children who have nasal congestion related to seasonal allergies. As there can be a variety of side effects, caution when using pseudoephedrine should be observed.