Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis Information

The doctors at HHP have noticed an increase in patients requesting sick appointments for red eyes, discharging eyes, or pink eyes.


Please keep in mind that "pink eye" will often occur in the setting of colds and DOES NOT necessarily require a doctor's visit or any medication. The pink eye with colds may involve a mild pink color of the whites of the eyes and crusted discharge in the lashes (usually worst first thing in the morning or after sleep). These symptoms can be thought of as a "cold in the eye" and treated the same way you would treat a runny nose. They usually resolve on their own without intervention in 5-6 days.


While the American Academy of Pediatrics states that mild pink eyes should not be a reason for exclusion from school or daycare, the Department of Education may require that your child stay out until their eye symptoms are resolved.


Unfortunately, we cannot speed the process of return to daycare and we cannot write notes saying pink or discharging eyes are not infectious if they occur in the setting of cold symptoms.


Please click HERE for more information about pink eye and conjunctivitis.

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