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Developmental Milestones

6-12 years

Certainly, the range of developmental changes between ages 6 and 12 years is vast. Here are a few developmental changes to look out for, as well as topics you may want to discuss with your child's doctor at his/her well visit. 

  • School

    • Starting school is a big step in every child's life. It is important to keep track of how your child is enjoying school, whether they are making friends, experiencing bullying, or having any particular difficulties with certain subjects. 

    • If your child requires any special education needs, it is also important to discuss these needs with their doctor so we can best help you navigate the best type of learning for your child.

  • Growth/Development

    • There are obviously a huge range of developmental milestones your growing child will experience between ages 6-12. Topics to keep in mind include:

      • Diet: ensuring your child eats a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, and that their weight is within a normal range for their age.

      • Exercise: your child should ideally be vigorously exercising for one hour a day or more.

      • Puberty: puberty can begin at a wide range of ages, but your child's pubertal development is certainly something to keep in mind as he/she grows. See our teen page for more information and resources on puberty.

  • Dental Hygiene

    • By age 6 your child should be visiting the dentist every 6 months, and should be brushing teeth twice a day. It is also important to check whether your child is getting enough fluoride, whether through fluoride in the water they drink, or by using a mouth wash with fluoride in it. 

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