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Newborn Information

Congratulations on your new baby!

Below are some links providing information and tips regarding the health and safety of your newborn. 

Click the link below for some helpful tips and information on things like baby acne, umbilical cord concerns, fever, and congestion. 
Tips for New Parents
Click below for information on feeding, how frequently your newborn should be fed, and other recommendations.
Colic and Gas
Click the link below for information on common symptoms and treatment for colic and gas in your new baby.
Breastfeeding Support
The link below provides general information on breastfeeding, as well as info on our monthly lactation support group and more!
Safety Information
See the link below for general safety recommendations and guidelines for your newborn.
Developmental Milestones
Take a look at the link below for some common developmental to look out for in your new baby.
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